For many years we’ve proudly helped customers discover and find local products and services. During this time, Yellow has adapted to keep up with modern innovations, creating a website and app that champion local businesses and keep us ahead of the curve.

We continue to look forward. In 2019 we’ll be taking the first exciting step towards becoming a full digital service, by distributing the final printed Yellow book.

Our last Yellow is a once in a lifetime event, opening the door to tremendous marketing potential and we want to share it with you.

The last directory is a major event, sure to grab the attention of the media and locals. What’s more, stopping the production of Yellow is an action that environmentalists will undoubtedly appreciate and speak about.

43% of respondents to our latest MISCO survey said they use the Yellow book first for reliable information. A presence in our last edition, complemented by our website and marketing is the most cost-effective way to boost your business.

We’ll be amplifying our marketing efforts for this huge event. A position in the 2019 Yellow allows you to profit from them. Furthermore, the final Yellow will be permanent, allowing your visibility to remain unchallenged by any new additions to our content.

The last Yellow will have an increased print run of 180,000 copies connecting you to more potential customers than ever before. Plus, we’re spicing up the last directory with fun hidden surprises and annual competitions for the next five years.

The last Yellow will be one of a kind, made with new upgraded materials that will last and a beautiful cover with a local connection. Transforming our directory into a desirable collector’s item our customers will be proud to keep.

Our final Yellow book is a golden opportunity.
Secure your spot and harness the power of this once in a lifetime event!